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Smart Energy

Final Event in streaming
July 21st, 10:30am


Innovation2live - The project

Innovation2live is an open innovation project: the Enercom Group’s Lab for innovative solutions to be promptly launched on the market to better serve customers, to move towards increasing sustainability in the Energy industry, to improve people’s lives, cities, environment, climate.

The second edition of the Call4Startup of innovation2live is focused on the research of innovative projects and companies in the field of Energy Production from renewable sources, Energy Efficiency, Smart Home and Smart Building with the aim of seizing technological opportunities to predict and foster changes in our strategies and allow us to promote our sustainability and responsibility approach in even wider areas of our country.


The Call4Startup innovation2live, 2020 edition, running from April 28th to June 30th 2020, targets a number of areas which, in the Energy & Utilities industry, can have a positive impact on final and corporate customers, innovating both at home and in the city.

In particular, the research is focused on “tech” projects that can improve energy production from renewable sources, Energy Efficiency in Smart City and Smart Building, as well as proposals for the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which can contribute to energy efficiency and consumption control with a view to sustainability.

By way of example, the following are the matters of interest for Enercom Group.


  • Solutions for energy storage from renewable sources (e.g. domestic storage systems for solar panels)
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to predict wind and photovoltaic power output
  • Innovative products for domestic non-conventional renewable energy production:
    1. mini and microwind power
    2. microcogeneration systems
    3. energy from waste


  • Adaptive lighting control systems based on instantaneous vehicle flow
  • Statistics-based predictive monitoring of vehicle flow and lighting control systems (instantaneous vehicle flow, time series, weather conditions, air pollution, accidental events).
  • Innovative systems for pedestrian crossing safety
  • Predictive systems for malfunction analysis of led equipment and switchboards
  • Copper cable anti-theft systems
  • Blockchain applications for the management of PI plants
  • Augmented reality systems for plant maintenance


  • Lighting management systems
  • Metering systems for the energy used by lighting equipment
  • Integrated and adaptive power and heat consumption management systems

The Call4Startup approaches Startup, Scale Up, technology provider, software house with innovative projects: the Evaluation Committee will choose 5 finalists to submit their projects during the final event in July, to compete for the final award.

In addition to the excellence of the Project, the winner will be awarded the opportunity to engage in a path of project knowledge and acceleration with Enercom Group.

Why apply

If you are a Scale Up, a Startup having already developed its MVP, you’re perfect for us, however, we are also interested in companies with innovative projects potentially applicable to a Multi Utility such as Enercom: Innovation 2live 2020 edition is the opportunity to quickly transfer to the market your projects and solutions in the Energy industry: from energy production based on renewable sources to applications for Smart Home and Smart City.

Our mission is to support and promote the technological innovation developed by Scale Up, StartUp but also small businesses in demanding and highly competitive industries such as the energy sector.

Enercom Group can support this process by identifying the technological solutions functional to its different business lines, generating significant opportunities for the different types of service users, both in the business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors.

How to apply

Submit your project and applicants through the registration form on this website, no later than June 30th 2020

Download the Call4Startup regulations.

For further information mail to

About Us

Enercom Group is one of the leading private Italian companies in the Energy & Utilities industry.

Boasting 70 years of activity, the Group consists of 6 independent companies and is engaged in 5 main business areas in the energy market: production, distribution, electricity and gas sales, energy efficiency and services.

Group figures: 250 employees, 150,000 customers, 160 million consolidated turnover, 12 million investments in infrastructure, 245 million cubic meters of methane and 120 million kwh of energy sold, also thanks to its 31 retail stores in the served territories.

Enercom Group looks to the future, paying the utmost attention and responsibility to the ever-increasing social responsibility that an organization operating in the energy sector must have, above all during particular periods such as the current one. The Group allocates resources and ongoing programs for the development of eco-sustainability and innovation, and the second edition of the innovation2live Call is an integral part of such programs.
Find out more about us on our website


The Call4Startup ended on June 30th.

The award ceremony will take place on July 21st, at 10:30 am.

For further information mail to